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Flexibility of proven formats; a managed service,
SaaS AND a software license

Delivering on the brand promise and optimising the profitability of online operations are just two of the priorities for today’s multi-channel retailers.

Route Genie offers exceptional performance and real value for money in meeting modern commerce needs in all its forms; as part of iForce Pathfinder, Saas and as licensed software.

Route Genie is available on a cost per parcel basis as SaaS but it can also be configured as a licensed product – annual fee and maintenance payable. The key advantage of a license approach for larger retailers being the significant cost saving they can make over the cost per parcel model which, when allied with the richness of management information the software provides, is a compelling proposition.

Route Genie’s management information is industry-leading. Its functionality supports the changing needs in modern commerce. With early intervention opportunities for customer service operatives to avoid shopper cancellation for failed deliveries, and modelling tools that allow the retailer to understand the financial impact of switching carriers to improve service delivery.

With continued development to meet the demands of multi-channel retail, Route Genie ensures total carriage management control by focussing on three key retailer demands; efficiency, speed and visibility over all aspects of carriage.

Route Genie transforming multi-channel carriage management
Route Genie dynamic, best-in-class carriage management


Route Genie has been successfully optimising carriage management for over 10 years as a core element of iForce Pathfinder as a managed service on behalf of High Street and newer generation multi-channel retailers.

Following continual system development and investment, Route Genie is also available as a separate software service for clients wanting to optimise the carriage management of their own multi-channel operations – either SaaS or as a software license.

With a strong heritage in modern commerce, flexibility and simplicity in carriage management is integral to the iForce approach.

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